Family Care is in-network with Aetna!

Family Care is now in-network with Aetna Health Insurance!

We’re happy to add Aetna to the list of our current in-network providers (BCBS, Cigna, and UHC), especially since the majority of the City of Durham’s employees will transition to their new Aetna plans by the end of the year. This will also help our previously out-of-network Aetna patients reduce their primary care medical expenses at Family Care by more than 80%!

Aetna’s Medicare PPO is also the first Medicare plan to be considered in-network at Family Care, so seniors will have more options to reduce their healthcare costs!

If you have any questions or want to verify your coverage, please visit our Health Insurance page for more information.

Family Care is Closed on January 22

Because most of Durham is shutting down tomorrow, we are going to have to close the office on Friday, January 22. If you have any urgent needs or questions, please use our contact form to send a message to the office. Our providers and staff will be checking the messages throughout the day and will attempt to respond to any urgent matters by phone, email, or through our patient portal before the weekend.

Thank you for your understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Stay safe and warm!

Family Care is Closed Due to Weather on January 22, 2016.

Emergency Nurses Week is October 11-17, 2015

Quoted from

Promoted and sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association and having originated in Australia back in 1989, Emergency Nurses Day is now an international celebration, intended to honour the hard work and dedication of emergency nurses all around the world.

Why do emergency nurses warrant special appreciation? Well, quite simply, because they make a huge difference to sick, injured and even dying people every single day, offering vital assistance and support.

Nursing as a profession requires a special level of compassion and nurses working in hospital emergency wards face numerous difficulties during their working life, yet still return every day to provide crucial care for those who need it the most.

A special focus is placed on Emergency Nurses Day, which forms one part of a wider celebration, called Emergency Nurses Week. Various events are held around the world, in order to give thanks and show support for those who choose to work in this essential profession.

While the entire week is devoted to thanking emergency nurses, Emergency Nurses Day specifically is October 14, 2015.