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New Patient Registration Process
New Patient Appointment Details

Thank you for your interest in our practice! If you have any questions regarding the new patient registration process, please contact our office prior to completing our paperwork.

New Patient Registration Process

Step #1 – Verify Family Care as an In-Network Provider with your health insurance.

To avoid going through the entire process only to find out that Family Care is not a fit for you and your insurance plan, check out our instructions to follow when choosing a primary care provider. If you do not have insurance, please check out our discounted price listings for uninsured and out-of-network patients prior to scheduling your visit. After you have considered everything carefully and are ready to become a new patient at our office, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Step #2 – Schedule an Appointment.

At some point during the process, you will need to contact our office to schedule an appointment. We have several convenient ways for you to schedule your appointment, so please choose one of the following options.

Step #3 – Complete our New Patient Paperwork.

The following pages are included in the downloadable PDF file for our new patient paperwork.  A signed copy of each agreement is required prior to your first visit to Family Care. You can submit the files in a PDF via email, print them out and bring them with you to your first visit, or simply show up 15 minutes early to your appointment and complete them in our office.

  • Patient Demographics Sheet (Sign Page 1)
  • Family Care Practice Policies (Read Pages 2-3; Sign Page 3)
  • HIPAA Privacy Agreement (Read Pages 4-5; Sign Page 5)
  • Financial Policies Agreement (Sign Page 6)

You will also need to fill out a medical history form, which is included in the linked New Patient Paperwork PDF.

Step #4 – Request Previous Records.

We do not require your previous medical records before your first appointment, but we would like to have documentation from your previous medical history. You can download our records transfer form, or request one to fill out in our office.

New Patient Appointment Details

We do not perform annual physical exams on the first visit to our office. The first appointment is considered a New Patient Consultation, during which we review your prior medical history, cover any acute problems you may be having that day and develop a plan for your future medical care. You may set up your annual physical exam for your second appointment, usually within a week of your New Patient Consultation.

Please verify your insurance coverage before coming to our office and review our list of our accepted in-network insurances, including most BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare plans. If you are in network, please contact your insurance company to find out if you have any applicable deductibles, coinsurances and the amount of your copayment for in network primary care visits. If you are out of network or uninsured, you may still come to our office, but you will be required to pay for your visit at the time of service.