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Preventive Wellness Visit
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Missed Appointments

Appointments can be made by calling our office at 919.544.6461 or by filling out this form.

  • Elaina Lee, MD: Tuesdays (8am – 5pm) & Fridays (8am – 5pm)
  • Sabrina Mentock, MD: Monday (8am – 5pm), Tuesday (9am – 7pm), Wednesday (8am – 5pm), Thursday (8am – 7pm), Friday (8am – 2pm)
  • Sarada Schossow, PA-C: Monday (1pm – 7pm), Tuesday, (1pm – 7pm), Thursday (8am – 5pm), Friday, (8am – 5pm)

While we appreciate scheduled appointments, we understand that illness or emergencies arise unexpectedly and will do our best to accomodate urgent patient visits. We try very hard to see all patients on time. If you cannot keep an appointment, notify us immediately and more than 24 hours in advance so that the time can be filled by another patient. Appointments cancelled on the same day of the appointment and missed appointments are subject to a $25 Missed Appointment fee.


We require appointments for prescription refills, acute illnesses or injuries, and follow up visits for chronic conditions. If it is a new issue or something that you have not previously, and specifically, discussed with one of our providers before, you will need a visit in our office for our providers to assess and treat your condition.

We try to reserve space each day for acute illnesses that need to be taken care of that day, but we can not guarantee availability on the same day of your request. Appointments for the day generally fill up prior to 12:00pm, so try to call early for a better chance of being seen that day. Appointments for acute illnesses and injuries can be made by calling our office at 919.544.6461 or by filling out this form.


The specific details on what is considered a part of a preventive wellness visit are covered on another page, so this page only covers the scheduling process of the preventive wellness visit.

Most insurers will cover one preventive wellness visit annually, so please make sure that the appointment is a minimum of one year after your last wellness exam. Any recommended or preventive blood work on the same date of your physical exam.

  • If your lab results are normal, you will receive a phone call to notify you of the normal results.
  • If your lab results are abnormal, you will be required to come in for an additional visit to review the abnormal results and discuss your potential treatment plan.

Your annual physical exam is considered a preventive “wellness” exam and does not include things such as review of abnormal lab results, prescription refills, or review of chronic and acute conditions. If you are in need of anything that is not considered part of a “wellness” exam, you will be required to make a separate appointment to discuss those issues. Appointments for annual wellness exams can be made by calling our office at 919.544.6461 or by filling out this form.


We schedule lab appointments beginning at 8:00am during the week.

Depending on the reason for your lab work, you may be requested to “fast” for the appointment, meaning you are only allowed to consume water (no juice, tea, coffee, or food) for at least eight hours prior to your appointment.

There is a $10 specimen collection charge for blood drawn in our office. If you do not wish to pay the $10 lab fee for blood drawn at our office, you may request a written order for your blood work that you may take to an outside laboratory site and have them transfer the results. Appointments for blood work and other lab appointments can be made by calling our office at 919.544.6461 or by filling out this form.


In some situations, it may be possible for you to avoid a trip to our office by having a consultation with your physician over the phone, instead of in the office. Commonly, these appointments are possible for reasons such as reviewing abnormal lab results, following up on chronic conditions, and other medical concerns that do not require a physical examination to diagnose and treat. Phone calls with the sole purpose of notifying the patient of normal lab results or an expected follow up concern after a regularly scheduled appointment are not subject to a phone consultation charge. However, if the patient has additional medical questions, concerns, or treatment options that are discussed and covered during the phone call, this appointment would be billed just like a regular office visit and any co-payments or deductibles owed by the patient would still apply.


A charge will be made for broken appointments (unless 24 hour notice is given), or if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment. A missed appointment charge is $25 and is due prior to your next appointment at our office. This includes appointments cancelled on the same day of the exam or times where you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment. This is necessary as such occurrences are detrimental to our business and other patients waiting for an appointment. Family Care reserves the right to dismiss from the practice any patient who frequently misses scheduled appointments without prior notice.