Diagnostic Radiology

Family Care now offers 3D Mammograms, 2D Mammograms, Bone Density testing, and Diabetic Eye Exams at our office! Check out the Invision Diagnostics video below for more information!

In addition to the convenience of getting testing done at your primary care office, Invision Diagnostics is also able to offer significant discounts for uninsured and cash pay patients!

  • 3D Mammograms: $215 (vs. average $600 Facility fee)
  • 2D Mammograms: $160 (vs. $220)
  • Bone Density Test: $35 (vs. $360)
  • Diabetic Eye Exam: $75 (vs. $400)

Even patients with insurance coverage may be able to benefit from the discounted prices for situations where their insurance won’t approve diagnostic testing. You must be a current patient at Family Care in order to receive the discounted service.

Our first testing date for 2018 will be from 9am to 5pm on Tuesday, January 30, and then again every 4 weeks afterwards for the rest of the year.

Please contact our office if you would like to schedule an appointment or if you are interested in more information!