Patient Survey

Since 2011, Family Care has featured an anonymous web form that patients can use to submit feedback on our practice. This was just an informal tool that we used to help identify problems or concerns that patients may have had with our practice so we could try to improve them. Follow this link if you would like to complete our Patient Satisfaction Form to provide feedback on our office.

Since 2016, Family Care has also used a more formal survey tool through our Electronic Medical Records system. This allows us to randomly survey our patient population, which helps avoid the response bias that is inherent in our informal online Patient Satisfaction Form. This tool through eClinicalWorks will randomly contact up to 500 patients annually to include in a phone or email-based survey at various points throughout the year. There are three ways you may be contacted if you are randomly selected for this survey:

  1. You may receive an automated call. You will be asked to answer 8-10 questions by indicating your preferences on your phone’s keypad.
  2. You may receive an email. This email will have a link to an online web form with questions for you to complete.
  3. You may receive a text message. This text will include a link to complete a form through the browser on your phone.

We only receive the results in aggregate form and cannot identify individual responses to any of the questions that are sent out. The results help us identify areas for improvement and have been an important tool for us in setting policies for our patients, so we appreciate your responses and honesty with these surveys.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Family Care would love to hear your feedback on your experience with our office! If you have a few minutes, we would greatly appreciate your responses to the questions below in our Patient Survey so we can make sure we are providing our patients with the best possible care. The survey is completely anonymous and you can leave any of the questions blank, if you want. The specific results of the Patient Survey will only be used internally to help improve our processes and policies and will not go to any source other than Family Care, PA. Thank you for taking some time to help us improve our practice!

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