Wolfpack Wednesdays…on Friday!

Due to the special event this evening at 7:37pm, our favorite “official” Family Care holiday – Wolfpack Wednesdays – will also be celebrated today for a special “Wolfpack Friday” edition. Everyone is encouraged to wear red today to support NC State, but make sure you don’t wear Lousville’s shade of red. We do not want to accidentally send our good vibes to the wrong team.

About Wolfpack Wednesdays:

For the past couple years, the staff at Family Care has been showing support for NC State by wearing at least one item of red clothing every Wednesday. We started this trend because most of the staff at Family Care has personal or family ties to NC State, and also because Wolfpack and Wednesday both start with “W.” That is probably the biggest reason, really. Show your NC State pride weekly by also participating in Wolfpack Wednesdays!

Go Pack!








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